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Indoor Plant Booster Pack

Indoor Plant Booster Pack

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Indoor Plant Booster Pack contains 1 litre bottle of Indoor Plant Booster + 100ml bottle of RE-250 soil energiser, the perfect combination to give your indoor garden the perfect boost.


Indoor Plant Booster 1L:

Is a unique liquid soil conditioner that is super easy to use and will help brighten up all of your living spaces. While there is a wide range of solutions for outdoor plants and gardens, our indoor varieties can suffer due to poor soil and confined pot spaces.  

Our unique combination of nutrients will work with your soil, no matter how mistreated, to maximise the uptake to your plants, making them stronger, healthier and more vibrant.  Just the way nature intended!

If you are looking for the ultimate Boost for your plants, add RE-250 Soil Energiser, to supercharge soil microbe levels for even more vigorous results, especially with flowering varieties.

RE – 250 Soil Energiser 100ml

RE-250 is a plant probiotic that releases your plant's inner health by providing a unique strain of bacteria that promotes plant and soil health. Which will energise the roots and soil of your plants by increasing the good bacteria count to make your garden plants stronger, healthier and greener, the way nature intended.

RE-250 contains Bacillus S. which is well known for its ability to naturally induce plant growth responses, which gives it the ability to fix overused or imbalanced soil. RE 250 is the culmination of years of research to develop a unique strain of the bacteria for even greater results. The bacteria colonise the root zone of the host plant to form a “protective sheath” that covers the root system.

As the bacteria grows, it produces phytohormones that can enhance plant growth and vigour. This will increase the level of nitrogen fixation resulting in improved plant health which ultimately produces stronger, healthier and greener gardens.

Directions for use:
Water plants before use to assist the absorption of the Booster into the soil.

Mix the required amount of indoor plant booster for your size plants, as below, and then add the required amount of RE-250 and leave for 20mins.

For best results simply pour the mixture directly onto the soil around the base of the plant.



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About Bioweed

Bioweed Organic is the culmination of 20 years of research and development to deliver a purer product that will take Organic Weed Control to the next level. Sourced from sustainably farmed pine trees from around the world.

Bioweed Organic is a safe and effective alternative to hand weeding around flowers, vegetables, and other glasshouse polytunnel crops. There is no withholding period, maintains your soil health as there is no residue and is safe to use around the base of established crops offering a faster, cheaper and long-term weed control solution than hand weeding.

Benefits Of Garden Probiotics

Increasing the bacteria in your soil means less fertiliser requirements over time

Decreased leaching of fertiliser as the microbes and molecules retain it in the soil

Better retention of nutrients in coastal areas, as sandy soils leach more easily

Provides better aeration, nutrient distribution and root penetration in clay soils

Creates deeper root systems, meaning less watering requirements and better drought tolerance

Increases resistance to heat, drought, frost, pests and diseasesIncrease beneficial microbial activity in soil.

Garden Probiotics Features

Probiotics help your gardens grow stronger, healthier and greener, by using a unique mixture of billions of safe, naturally-beneficial probiotics, namely Bacillus.

Bacillus works with the plant not against it, to provide good bacteria and nutrients.  Each bottle contains billions of live microbes which work to improve your plant and soils health the way nature intended.

Like us, plants need nutrients to flourish.  But years of overuse and a reliance on chemical fertilisers has caused many problems. Over-fertilisation not only starves plants but also cause ecological damage, as it pollutes our waterways and soil. Garden Probiotics reduces the needs for synthetic fertilisers, as it unlocks the food and water already in your soil the natural way.

Scientifically-proven to break down and make plant food more available, it will also extend the reach of roots so that they can get more water and nutrients, Making for a far healthier plant. Over time it will improve your plants water-use efficiency, drought tolerance, and remove many of the harmful pollutants that build up in the soil.

Shipping Costs

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For commercial quantaties please contact our team for a shipping cost.

  • Unlock Your Soils Potential

    Increase the ability of your soil to uptake nutrients and fertiliser, helping them to grow bigger and stronger.

  • Drought Proof Your Garden

    Lower water costs and protect your plants from drought by improving plant water use.

  • Good Bacteria For Your Garden

    Bacillus S. is well known for its ability to naturally induce growth responses, and also has the ability to fix overused or imbalanced soil.


Bacteria is responsible for the well-being of our entire food chain – they are like underground factories, chewing up and digesting organic and dead plant matter, releasing the basic nutrients that all life depends on, including you! Without soil microbes, your plants cannot survive!

Garden Probiotics are sustainable and organic products that help create a more beautiful and productive garden, but also a healthier local environment and ultimately a healthier you. 

They help unlock your soils potential by helping your garden maximise the nutrients available in the soil. Soil microbes helps process sugars, carbon and decompose organic matter.

Garden Probiotics from GreenPro Solutions work together to look after the soil and roots to bring back a more natural balance to your garden.  Your plants will love you for using it!

  • Biotic Booster

    Biotic Booster provides the perfect boost for your garden and soil to improve natural tolerance to heat, drought, frost, pests and diseases.

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  • Indoor Plant Booster

    Perfect for all your Indoor and Potted Plants including pots, hanging baskets, veranda potted plants and vertical gardens.

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  • RE-250

    RE-250 will energise and enhance the quality of your soil with a unique strain of bacteria for even greater results in your garden.

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  • FP-60

    FP-60 is a spray probiotic that is great in increasing the good bacteria in your garden. There are billions of bacteria in each bottle of FP-60.

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Creating Farm in the Desert

The science behind our probiotics was developed to help vegetate and farm some of the most arid parts of the world, including countries such as Israel.

The Bacillus helps create soil that is rich in nutrients, requires less irrigation and helps drought proof the plants, meaning that lush green plants thrive even is the harshest conditions.

Why People are loving Bioweed!

  • I have an ongoing problem with onion weed and oxalis in my small urban garden. Bioweed allows me to selectively weed safely without upsetting other plants. It has a pleasant pine smell and best of all, its a natural product without any nasties! I’m a very satisfied customer!

  • It works within two days and is very effective on all weeds.I have only had it for about 10 days and am very pleased with it

  • Very good results particularly on kykuyu which i consider a pest that invades our garden from next door . It took a bit of adjusting the dose to be effective. But with the wet weather now we stopped the process. But during a dry day , within 15 minutes one can see ground cover weeds collapsing.

  • I bought one bottle of Bioweed to give it a try. It works! I am relieved to find an alternative to the dangerous weedkillers (which I refuse to use). Bioweed is much more effective and faster working than the vinegar, etc solutions I've tried.
    I'll be buying more!

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Bioweed Organic is a safe and effective alternative to hand weeding around flowers, vegetables, and other glasshouse polytunnel crops. There is no withholding period, maintains your soil health as there is no residue and is safe to use around the base of established crops offering a faster, cheaper and long-term weed control solution than hand weeding.

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