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Ultimate Garden Booster Pack

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Maximise your garden's inner health with the ultimate booster pack, containing 100ml bottle of RE-250, 100ml bottle of FP-60 and a 2L concentrate of Biotic Booster.



Maximise your gardens inner health with a garden health pack, containing 100ml bottle of RE-250, 100ml bottle of FP-60 and a 2L concentrate of Biotic Booster. Packed with millions of bacteria in each bottle, RE-250 and FP-60 used in combination with the Biotic Booster will energise and enhance your soil and protect your garden, giving you stronger, healthier and greener gardens.

FP-60 Probiotic Spray 100ml

FP-60 is a probiotic spray that is great in increasing the good bacteria in your garden. There are billions of bacteria in each bottle of FP-60 that will enhance your garden growth and vigour, by increasing the good bacteria count in your soil to make your garden stronger, healthier and greener, the way nature intended.

RE-250 Soil and Root Energiser 100ml

RE-250 contains Bacillus S. which is well known for its ability to naturally induce plant growth responses, which gives it the ability to fix overused or imbalanced soil. RE 250 is the culmination of years of research to develop a unique strain of the bacteria for even greater results. The bacteria colonise the root zone of the host plant to form a “protective sheath” that covers the root system.

Biotic Booster 2L

Biotic Booster provides the perfect boost for your garden and soil. With millions of microorganism in each bottle including humic, fulvic humus and seaweed extract, all working to improve the natural qualities of your soil. Combine with our probiotics, RE-250 or FP-60, to give your garden an extra Biotic Boost.

Learn more about our Plant Probiotic and how they make your garden plants stronger healthier and greener.

How to apply:

Ingredients RE-250:
Bacillus Ferment WP, Water

Ingredients FP-60:
Bacillus Ferment S5, Water

Ingredients Biotic Booster:
Humic, fulvic humus and seaweed extract contained within a blend of special microbial food minerals whose unique formulation is protected by intellectual property rights.

Avoid swallowing and eye contact. If swallowed in excess, drink 1-2 glasses of water; may cause gas or upset stomach. If eye contact occurs, rinse with water. Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.