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Bioweed USB Spray Bottle & 5L Bioweed Organic Spray-Ready

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Say goodbye to the hand-operated spray bottles with the Bioweed rechargeable electric spray bottle PLUS a 5L bottle of Bioweed Organic Spray-Ready, no need to mix concentrate, simply pour and spray.

Bioweed USB Spray Bottle 

  • USB BATTERY OPERATED: The Bioweed automatic electric sprayer provides time-saving, effortless operation and prevents sore fingers!
  • VERSATILITY: Is designed for operations in indoor/outdoor gardens, It is perfect for weed spraying or watering plants. Simply twisting the sprayer head to adjust the pattern from fine mist to jet
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: With durable and modernised design with a one-touch continuous spray with anti-slip grip for maximum comfort after a long time of usage
  • POWER AND WATER INDICATOR: With each full charge the sprayer can continuously use for 3 - 4 hours. Clear sidebar on the sprayer body to easily see the water level.

Bioweed Organic Ready To Use Weed Killer

Bioweed herbicide is perfect for home weed control, now available in a handy 750ml pre-mixed bottle. Safe for pets and family makes it the ideal natural domestic herbicide. 100% natural and glyphosate-free, Bioweed rapidly kills weeds and grasses can be used to control moss and algae.

Perfect for use in gardens, paths, drive-ways, vegetable patches around buildings and as a spot spray in lawns. It works quickly to easily control weeds in a natural way! 

Long Term Results.

The only Premium weed and seed control that pays for itself long term. Bioweed has a unique pre-emergent activity that kills weed and seeds in the soil. This reduces emerging weed pressure and can save up to 50% of your normal spray requirements.