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Bioweed 5L Spray Ready Weedkiller

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Take the mess and time out of large area weed control with Bioweed’s 5 litre spray ready - premixed for easy, mess-free and effective weed control.

The spray ready refill is perfect for use with your Bioweed sprayer or any garden sprayer system, with no need to dilute concentrate saving you time and mess, simply fill your sprayer and you’re ready to naturally treat large areas in seconds.

  • Convenient, ready-mixed natural weed killer
  • Premixed refill for your Bioweed sprayer or own garden sprayer
  • Non-residual and certified for use in organic farms
  • No need to dilute concentrates
  • Kills weeds and suppresses seeds
  • Australian owned and made.
  • Backed by over 20 years of research and development.

Bioweed is the ideal organic domestic herbicide. With no withholding period, Bioweed is safe for animals and people to use the area immediately after the area is dry.  Certified for organic input and glyphosate-free, made from natural hand tapped pine oil.

About Bioweed Organic.

Bioweed Organic is the culmination of 20 years of research and development to deliver a purer product that will take Organic Weed Control to the next level. Sourced from sustainably farmed pine trees from around the world.

Bioweed Organic is a safe and effective alternative to hand weeding around flowers, vegetables, and other glasshouse polytunnel crops. There is no withholding period, maintains your soil health as there is no residue and is safe to use around the base of established crops offering a faster, cheaper and long-term weed control solution than hand weeding.

Long Term Results.

While Bioweed is not a pre-emergent herbicide, it does have pre-emergent qualities, as it suppresses seeds on the weed and ground. This is due to when it comes in contact with the seed, it dries out the epidermis or coating. This leads to the seed cracking prematurely and drying out the embryo.

So using Bioweed will not only kill the weed, but it will also lower your count of seeds in the ground, which means fewer applications and waiting time to have a perfect weed-free garden.