Indoor Plant Booster 1L

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Indoor Plant Booster is perfect for all your Indoor and Potted Plants including pots, hanging baskets, veranda potted plants and indoor potted plants.


Indoor Plant Booster 1L:

Is a unique liquid soil conditioner that is super easy to use and will help brighten up all of your living spaces. While there is a wide range of solutions for outdoor plants and gardens, our indoor varieties can suffer due to poor soil and confined pot spaces.  

Our unique combination of nutrients will work with your soil, no matter how mistreated, to maximise the uptake to your plants, making them stronger, healthier and more vibrant.  Just the way nature intended!

If you are looking for the ultimate Boost for your plants, add RE-250 Soil Energiser, to supercharge soil microbe levels for even more vigorous results, especially with flowering varieties.

Directions for use:
Water plants before use to assist the absorption of the Booster into the soil. For best results simply pour the recommended amount directly onto the soil around the base of the plant.