What is Plant Food?

Organic matter is one of the most important building blocks of a healthy garden. It is vital, as it is what feeds the living parts of your soil and helps feed your plants the nutrients needed to grow strong and produce good quality flowers and fruit. Without good levels of organic carbon, your soil will struggle with its nutrient holding capacity, meaning that the nutrient that you feed your plants may not be available for the plant as it can be lost as soon as it is applied. Biotic Booster has the ability to increase your soils cation exchange capacity (CEC). This is the soils ability to hold on to nutrients that are vital for your plant’s growth. Biotic Booster is packed full of Humic acids, fulvic acids and seaweed extract. These three ingredients have been proven to help build the underground structure of your garden to boost your living soil.

What are Garden Probiotics?

Probiotics help your gardens grow stronger, healthier and greener, by using a unique mixture of billions of safe, naturally-beneficial probiotics, namely Bacillus.

Bacillus works with the plant not against it, to provide good bacteria and nutrients. Each bottle contains billions of live microbes which work to improve your plant and soils health the way nature intended.

Like us, plants need nutrients to flourish.  But years of overuse and a reliance on chemical fertilisers has caused many problems. Over-fertilisation not only starves plants but also cause ecological damage, as it pollutes our waterways and soil. Garden Probiotics reduces the needs for synthetic fertilisers, as it unlocks the food and water already in your soil the natural way.

Scientifically-proven to break down and make plant food more available, it will also extend the reach of roots so that they can get more water and nutrients, Making for a far healthier plant. Over time it will improve your plants water-use efficiency, drought tolerance, and remove many of the harmful pollutants that build up in the soil.

  • Unlock Your Soils Potential

    Increase the ability of your soil to uptake nutrients and fertiliser, helping them to grow bigger and stronger.

  • Drought Proof Your Garden

    Lower water costs and protect your plants from drought by improving plant water use.

  • Good Bacteria For Your Garden

    Bacillus S. is well known for its ability to naturally induce growth responses, and also has the ability to fix overused or imbalanced soil.

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