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Returing Our Land To The Way Nature Intended

Are you tired of being stuck using the same chemicals in your garden or business?  While making things easier, years of dependence on inorganic chemicals has left our soils and plants starved of the natural health and nutrients that were once abundant in our grandparents day.

Our goal as a business is to help correct the current imbalance we see in our environments. Our naturally based products have been developed to help repair years of abuse, in a safe, sustainable and healthier way.


    Made from natural and sustainably sourced hand tapped pine oil, certified organic Input* and glyphosate free.


    With no withholding periods, Bioweed is safe for animals and people to use the area immediately after the area is dry. 


    Fast acting on most weeds and grasses and perfect for use in gardens, paths, driveways, around buildings and as a spot spray in lawns.


    Bioweed can be used anywhere around the house including garden beds, veggie patches, paths and driveways.

Bioweed Home Weed Control

Bioweed Weed Killer is non selective and works fast on contact with broadleaf and grass type weeds to rapidly desiccate and burn weeds.

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Plant Food & Probiotics

Is your garden looking a little sluggish?  We all know our inner health is vital, but what about the soil and the plants in our gardens? Our range of plant food and probiotics will restore your gardens inner health, the way nature intended.

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greenPRO® Foamer + Sprayer

  • Free Shipping

    Bioweed is hand made on the Sunshine Coast, blended and bottled in our factory in Coolum Beach. You will not find Bioweed in any store. It is available exclusively online. We offer free shipping Australia wide on all orders over $99.

  • Buy Australian

    Bioweed is Australian made and owned, made on the Sunshine Coast Queensland and and backed by over 20 years research and development.

    Bioweed is handmade using premium and sustainably sourced hand tapped pine oil as it’s active ingredient.

  • Sustainably Sourced

    It’s time to take a more sustainable approach. Bioweed is 100% sourced from sustainably farmed pine trees, hand tapped, farmed and managed by indigenous stewards. Providing them with an income and support for their local community.

  • Caroline

    I have an ongoing problem with onion weed and oxalis in my small urban garden. Bioweed allows me to selectively weed safely without upsetting other plants. It has a pleasant pine smell and best of all, its a natural product without any nasties! I’m a very satisfied customer!

  • Maurie

    It works within two days and is very effective on all weeds.
    I have only had it for about 10 days and am very pleased with it

  • Gilbert

    Very good results particularly on kykuyu which i consider a pest that invades our garden from next door . It took a bit of adjusting the dose to be effective. But with the wet weather now we stopped the process. But during a dry day , within 15 minutes one can see ground cover weeds collapsing.

  • Warren

    Good product, works well, and happy that it is safe around animals. This was a repeat purchase, now buying in bulk and helping out other family members. Delivery was amazing. Ordered at 2pm, arrived next morning.

  • Ingrid

    Amazing! We have lots of bandicoots in our yard, so Bioweed was a must try. I used it the day I got it, and the next day the weeds in our driveway were completely brown and shrivelled. Super impressed with this eco friendly weed killer. I’ll be ordering the 5 litre concentrate next.
    PS today I sprayed more areas and within 11/2 hours the weeds looked like this! Amazing! Will never buy that toxic Roundup again. I’ve told so many people about this. It truly is a game changer for the environment.

  • Rob

    First time user of Bioweed. So pleased! Did a great job of weeds and did a pretty good job on Kikuyu grass (very resilient grass in our area). Customer service was excellent. On the 5 litre concentrate I found poring without spillage difficult - perhaps a spout for the container would be worth it (like 5 litre chain bar oil). Will continue to use on our property.